This page is aimed at management, particularly executives at medical device and IVD manufacturers, notified bodies, authorities, and service providers responsible for regulatory and clinical affairs, quality management, and development.

Important tasks of management

The management tasks of these executives include, for example:

Information management

Collecting information from outside, keeping track of it, and taking the necessary measures. This includes information about

  • regulatory changes,
  • market trends (technologies, competitors, customers) and
  • the company’s own devices (post-market surveillance)

Quality management and strategy

Better positioning of your departments:

  • Initiating strategic projects (e.g., digitalization, outsourcing, restructuring)
  • Defining regulatory strategies
  • Contributing to the improvement of the QM system (e.g., during management reviews)

Resource management

Create the necessary preconditions:

  • Selecting service providers and negotiating contracts
  • Creating, securing, and monitoring budgets for the departments
  • Ensuring the size and competence of teams of experts

Support for management

Many managers rely on the support of the Johner Institute. It supports management with or takes over tasks from them.

a) Outsourcing

Managers outsource regulatory activities and processes to the Johner Institute:

Manufacturers also outsource roles such as QM representative, EU representative, or PRRC.

b) Consulting

Managers rely on the advice and opinion of the Johner Institute:

The Johner Institute supports medium-sized and large manufacturers in the digital transformation of regulatory processes and quality management.

If you are an executive, feel free to contact us now. You will receive fast, discreet, and competent support.

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